Manual Wheelchairs

Vermeiren 708D

The 708D Hem1 has armrests that are foldable and removable and are equipped with soft, extra long and comfortable padding. The fabric of the seat and back, together with aluminum legrests, will provide optimal comfort while using this chair.

The HEM1 model, also known as hemiplegic system, with lever drive has been designed for hemiplegic users with limited arm strength. Equipped with a lever mounted on the axle of the rear wheel, the wheelchair may be propelled either forward or backward with little effort. The handle is devised with a horizontal steering control which enables the chair to turn left or right. The lever can be fitted on the left or the right side.

Also available as HEM2 version with a double handrail on the left or the right side.

Vermeiren Jazz S50

Standard trolley made of precision steel. The legendary design in our offer - ultra lightweight JAZZ trolley that was made of chromo-molybdenum. And as legend has it, its weight is only 16.1 kg. For a steel trolley it's a great result. It contains everything that was and still is about JAZZ, it is durable, reliable and reliable. Raises the standard to a higher quality level. Designed for people with motor dysfunction.

  • Model without retrofitting options
  • In one color version
  • Krypton front wheels
  • Rear wheels pumped
  • Wheels on quick coupler

Electric Wheelchairs

Vermeiren Express VB (Heavy Duty)

The Express is an electronic wheelchair with a double cross, equipped with footrests and armrests which are adjustable in height and width. Complete with a powerful 2x200W motor and optional 38 or 50Ah batteries. The Express is very compact and can be folded to facilitate transport.

  • Ideal for lightweight, indoor wheelchairs
  • Easy to use
  • Simple
  • Reliable

Vermeiren Timix S.U(Stand up)

The Timix S.U., also known as the Timix Stand Up, is an electronic stand-up wheelchair completely controllable from its controller. From a vertical stand-up position to a complete horizontal position in just one movement.

Vermeiren Forest 3 SU

The Forest 3 S.U., also known as the Forest 3 Stand Up, is an electronic stand-up wheelchair similar to the standard Forest 3 with with added functionality.

Taiwan King Strong Power Wheelchair (TP-02-AS)

  • Aluminum alloy frame w/shock aborbers & extra thrust bearings
  • Capacity weight: 135kg/300lbs
  • Aluminum seat/back plate with foam cushion & pelvic
  • Set and back tilts individually
  • Seat tilt angle 6~24 degree
  • Back tilt angle 96~144 degree
  • Height adjustable headrest
  • Anti-tipper W/shock absorber
  • Detachable, elevating legrest
  • Sealed illuminate device

Cerebral Palsy Wheelchairs

Easy Care Cerebral Palsy Aluminum Lightweight Wheelchair (EC958LC)

  • Lightweight aluminium Cerebral Palsy wheelchair
  • Specially engineered adjustable seat (0-45 degree) and backrest (0-165 degree)to recline at different angles
  • U-shaped adjustable, ergonomically cushioned headrest, chest guard and side guards
  • Padded pommel/abductor to separate thighs; Calf pads for added leg support in tilted/reclining position
  • Elevating footrests, sturdy foot plates, smart brake system

Commode Wheelchairs

Vermeiren 139E

Model 139E is a high quality convenient commode chair with wheels, swing away armrests and footrests. Locks on the both rear wheels, soft padded seat and armpads. Comes complete with a plastic, removable toilet bucket with handle.

Basic Commode Wheelchair

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Reclining Wheelchairs

Aluminium Reclining Wheelchair

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Steel Reclining Wheelchair

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Pediatric Wheelchairs

Vermeiren Gemini 2

The Gemini is an aluminum Reha Buggy. The design permits various possibilities of adaptation. In this standard version we offer

  • 5-points-security belt
  • Spreader
  • Head support

A buggy which parents adore not only for its excellent functionality, but also for the quality design and above all - the total weight is no higher then 13,5 kg.

Comes complete with a pump, adjustable push bar, pedal brake and adjustable footplate.