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At Samiya Medical Supplies, we understand the importance of keeping your medical equipment in optimal condition. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality spare parts to ensure the longevity and functionality of your medical devices. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond supplying medical equipment; it encompasses providing you with the necessary components to keep your equipment running smoothly.

  • Explore our extensive inventory of spare parts designed to cater to various medical equipment needs. Whether you're looking for replacement parts for wheelchairs, hospital furniture, instruments, or other medical devices, we have you covered. Our selection includes:
  • Wheelchair Parts: Find replacement wheels, brakes, armrests, and more to keep wheelchairs in optimal condition.
  • Hospital Furniture Components: From replacement bedrails to caster wheels, we provide the necessary components to maintain hospital furniture.
Calibration Services

Contact Us: When it comes to sourcing spare parts for your medical equipment, trust Samiya Medical Supplies. Contact our team today to discuss your spare part needs, and we'll assist you in finding the perfect solutions to keep your equipment running smoothly.

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